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Reviews (5)
  • D****d
    Easy to work with, blends in well with my black faux leather seat. Totally fixed the appearance of the seat. I wish I had a before picture, it was torn and awful. I will update in a few months to review the longevity of the product. So far, very pleased with my purchase.
  • J****o
    Really... this does an amazing job. The stick is second to none and there's no sticky at the edges of the tape after you apply it. I have a leather office chair and have used a towel for years to sit on and cover the chair. I got this and within a few min I swear it's as supple and soft as a new chair. I now wish I took a before photo... it was a MESS! The entire front of this chair was just white foam and broken pieces of chipped dried leather. The tape is perfect. Tho as you can see, I still need to cover some small splits. A note on the chair.. this is a rolling (not vibrating) massage back chair and can be replaced. Otherwise it would. But this tape just gave it new life! ONE THING; you don't get much in the roll so note the length and plan accordingly. I got a good value for $10 so no complaints even if I ran a hair short. But that my fault. I didn know I cover an entire seat.
  • P****r
    It does what it’s supposed to for the price.. would recommend for a quick fix. Our couch was pleather from rent-a-center, the pleather started to crack and peel on the head rest of the spot everyone likes. Slap some pleather tape on it and it looks fine. Not sure how long it will last though as I just stuck it on today.. will have to update later.
  • A****a
    My lab had torn the leather strip on my chair trying to get to the UPS man. I had done various things trying to fix it and then ordered this. It is an exact match for my leather and fixed the issue completely.
  • D****a
    It took a couple orders to match the color....but there were no problems returning the wrong color. I had a lot of curves and shapes to contend with on this tufted seat....but I love this chair so decided to give it a try. First I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol on an old towel, then I cut the pieces to cover as much of the rips as I could. Rounded the corners of the vinyl and heated it with a hair dryer and carefully pressed it on.....rubbing the edges well. Then let it set for 24 hours. I always keep the cream colored throw over the seat and now when kids play on it and it slips out of place, it will still look pretty good. I'm very satisfied with this product. I give it all 5 stars, but I haven't had it long enough to rate the durability yet......I'll come back in a few weeks or months to update.

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